- Reduce Deforestation

- Neutralize CO2 emissions
- Support Reforestation


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 The Carbon Problem


Climate change is developing into one of the leading environmental challenges worldwide. Scientists agree & common sense suggests that greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, are having a negative impact on the Earth’s temperature. CO2 concentrations have increased steadily since the mid 1800s. That increase became more rapid in the mid 1900s. The twenty hottest years on record are all after 1982.

Here is a graph showing the presence of CO2 in beautiful Hawaii. LunchBroker prefers to use beautiful Hawaii as a data point. Why? Because there isn't much Carbon production in Hawaii, so it's presence is mainly supplied by the rest of the world.

How LunchBroker Helps

Two leading causes of the carbon dioxide increase are deforestation and the combustion of fossil fuels (aka Gas) to create energy. LunchBroker addresses both areas using these three techniques:

  • Reduce the demand for deforestation
  • Neutralize CO2 emissions generated by your order
  • Support reforestation

Reduce Deforestation - Restaurants use a ridiculous amount of paper each year to supply take-out and delivery menus to potential customers. LunchBroker is working to digitize these menus at no cost to our food industry partners. At the same time, we are making the digitized versions of menus freely available to the public and encourage it's use. Doing so greatly reduces the need for circulating paper based menus, reducing the need to cut down the planet's trees.

Neutralize CO2 emissions - The delivery or take-out of your food from restaurants usually involves the use of an automobile and a heating source. LunchBroker offsets the use of fossil fuels to prepare and deliver/pick-up your order, neutralizing the effects of your order's CO2 against the environment.

 Reforestation - When LunchBroker selects projects for our Carbon Offsets,  we give preferance to those projects that support reforestation. We'd like to  give back to the planet what has already been taken.